In the words of the head of one international funding agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh, MCS is an innovation ‘whose time has come, indeed, it is overdue!’

The sustainability of so many infrastructure projects, is often hampered by the reverse flow of funds for Consultants and Specialists from developed nations. MCS’ unique blend of developed world expertise and experience, and the locally trained specialists in need of expertise transfer and experience represents a major innovation in sustainable development. Following collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh in 2013 that killed 1200 persons, MCS has been carrying out structural inspection of factory buildings mainly for British RMG buyers. Bangladeshi engineers have been working side by side with expatriate engineers in this important assignment, the legacy of which would be to have well trained and experienced national experts who in fullness of time will make valuable contribution to RMG sector that today represents about 80% of Bangladeshi economy. To develop national expertise for long –term benefit of the country is in line with MCS’s avowed aim and vision to put back in to the community as much as possible.

UK registered MCS has its main operating base in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which makes it possible for MCS to respond quickly and in a cost effective manner to the needs of its clients in the country and in the region.

From the very real, and ever present threat of major earthquake, to widespread annual flooding in what is the world’s largest river delta system that comprises most of the country, to regular severe cyclones, and the forecast by specialists that over 30% of the entire landmass of the nation is threatened by climate change, Bangladesh is, perhaps, of all developing nations one of the neediest of such support. And yet, paradoxically, Bangladesh has a world leading record of homegrown innovation in development work, requiring, for the most part, only an innovation such as MCS to more rapidly take even greater leadership in its own sustainable development!